Shopping in Panama City

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Panama City Shopping is one of the most valuable things a tourist can do while exploring the city. Panama is famous for its various shops and stores that sell goods from almost all over the world. Whether you want to buy some native products as souvenirs, or just want to purchase branded apparel and shoes while you are in the city, Panama apparently has got it all for you.

Los Pueblos

Being a huge, open mall, Los Pueblos gets thousands of mall-goers every single day, and houses a great number number of shops, stores and boutiques for enthusiastic shoppers. Here you can buy just about any clothing, bags, or shoes with a mere 5% sales tax, like at the rest of the malls in Panama. Fast food chains are very prominent in this mall; however, it is suggested that visitors eat at the restaurants serving native food to get a delightful taste of Panama. The best thing that separates Los Pueblos from all the malls in the city is that bargaining is very welcome here, especially if you are a tourist visiting the area.

Albrook Mall

If you like to shop in a fully air-conditioned shopping heaven, then the Albrook Mall is the one for you. This mall has many stores and stalls that sell goods at practical prices. Albrook Mall is comparable to Los Pueblos in terms of the huge variety of items to choose from. Here you can let the shopper in you escape and buy souvenirs or any other native products that will signify your wonderful experience in Panama.

Mi Pueblito

Translated as "My Little Village," Mi Pueblito is an open-air mall that boasts an amazing fa├žade with the style of an traditional Panamanian village incorporated in it. The mall has several specialty stores which showcase the beautiful crafts made by the native people of the city. The high-quality products are a favorite not only of the local shoppers but also of the tourists. Designer textiles as well as traditional costumes of the local women are also bestsellers in this shopping haven.

Avenida Central

Just like Los Pueblos and Mi Pueblito, Avenida Central is also an open-air shopping mall. Native street foods offered here are always loved by the visitors of Panama. There are several department stores located in the area where you can find some interesting items. Souvenir shops are rare in this mall, but the products being sold are really cheaper here than in the other malls.

National Artisan Market

This market is where you can enjoy the exciting must-do act of haggling. Aside from shopping for souvenirs and imported items, you can relax at the beauty salons and get your nails or hair done in Panama styles.

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