Getting There in Panama City

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Several airline fly from the U.S. to Panama City, Panama (Tocumen, PTY).
You can get a taxi to the city for around $15 dollars and you can share a taxi too for 10 dollars.

People shouldn’t bother about Panama City getting there options since Panama City is the national capital of Panama and is counted among the most progressive of Central American cities. Panama City regularly receives visitors from across the world and there is no dearth of traveling options.

Getting There by Plane

Nearly every international flight headed to Panama City lands at the Tocumen International Airport. This is an international airport of repute and is located just about 21 km from Panama City. The only exception to this norm are the flights coming from Costa Rica that routed towards Panama City’s second, most-reputed airport—Albrook Airport. This includes direct, charter flights that take-off from airports in San Jose. The Tocumen International Airport is also recommended for exchanging currency since the U.S dollar is the standard currency used across Panama.

From both the airports, visitors can easily find affordable, commuting options including cabs and local buses. Bus fares are around the one-dollar mark.

Getting There from Tocumen Airport

Taxi rides from the Tocumen airport charge standard rates. However, there can be some confusion regarding the toll fees—often charged when boarding a taxi within the airport’s complex. Tourists who plan to use the rental car services can pre-order their service providers to ensure that their rented ride is waiting for them at the exit gates. One favorite brand in this regard is the Easy Travel Panama. Further, the arrival terminal has other kiosks that offer information on rental car agencies.

Getting There from Albrook Airport

Taxi rides from the Albrook Airport tend to cost less. This airport is located northwest of Ancon Hill, near the Avenue Omar Herrera. From the terminals here, a taxi-ride doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes and the charges are essentially a token fee. Unlike other places in the city, sharing taxis is not prohibited here.

Getting There by Bus

The city has some connecting bus services with the neighboring, Central American cities. Most of these buses arrive at the Albrook Bus Terminal, located in close proximity to the Albrook Airport. A taxi-ride from there to the main town takes about 15 minutes.

Getting There by Car

Reaching Panama City by car is also a favored option among travelers from the nearby countries. Visitors arriving from the western part of the Central American continent usually arrive via the Pan-American Highway. This route includes crossing the Bridge of the Americas. This highway heads towards the Balboa district, located within Panama City. From here, highly-trafficked, connecting roads lead to the downtown part of Panama City. The only option for reaching your destination faster is using the recently-developed Centennial Bridge, located near Paraiso. Here, drivers should stick to the signboards located along the Vía Benedictou XVI road.

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