Beaches in Panama City

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If you go to Panama City for a vacation you must go to at least one of the Panama City Beaches. A visit to a beach while you are on vacation in the Caribbean can also be relaxing because of how nice the weather is but also because of beautiful the water is. The Caribbean is one of the few places that you can see crystal clear water. There is nothing like stepping into the ocean, whether you are snorkeling or swimming, and being able to see everything that is below you.

Rio Mar

Rio Mar offers some of the warmest water around  as well as some of the best surfing. At Rio Mar you will find local surfers and people who have traveled across the country to visit one of the best places to surf all year round. Aside from surfing you can enjoy the beaches by just lying under the warm sun with a drink in hand.

Punta Chame

Although you can surf on this beach, most people do not come here for the surf. The most popular sport on this section of beach is windsurfing. If you wish to try out windsurfing you are going to want to make sure you visit the beach during the dry season because that is the best time of year for good windsurfing. Another popular water activity is kite surfing because of the way that the land is laid out.


This is one of the most exclusive beach areas around Panama City. Not only can you enjoy the peacefulness of the beach, but you can also take part in other activities. The beach offers travelers the chance to participate in plenty of water sports, such as surfing and snorkeling. If water activities are not for you don’t fret because there is plenty of stuff to do near the beach, such as a round of golf at a Nicklaus Design golf course.


This beach is located about an hour away from Panama City. Being located away from Panama City doesn’t affect the popularity of the beach. Here you can participate in many water activities and the warm water makes the activities all the more enjoyable. You can also go inland to the local grocery store where you can buy fresh fish first thing in the morning--and there is nothing like getting fish right off the boat.

Playa Blanca

If you are looking for a beach that resembles the beaches in Florida this is the place to go. Playa Blanca is modeled after Nikki Beach in Florida, hotels included. Here you can enjoy an evening swim in warm waters or soak up the sun during a sunny afternoon. Water activities are also a popular choice at this newly-built resort town.

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