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Best of Panama City Museums

Panama City Museums are an important part of any Panama City itinerary. Visiting Panama City museums is the most recommended way understanding the vast and often misquoted history of Panama, particularly its early and colonial rulers. Panama boasts of a rich history that spans across more than 10,000 years. Due to its unique location, the historic displays represent influences of many surrounding, Central & South American cultures. Panama’s importance in world history is underlined by the presence of many World Heritage Sites that have become preferred traveling destinations among tourists.

The most popular of Panama City’s museums have been listed below:

Museum of Natural Science         

This museum is dedicated to displaying the geological occurrences and paleontological findings across Panama and some other Central American locations. The display includes many samples of flora and fauna that are now extinct.

Location: Avenue 30, Cuba Street.

Panama Interoceanic Canal Museum

This is among the recently-opened museums in Panama City. It traces the path of the most popular landmark in Panama’s history—the Panama Canal. The display includes the very first documents that were corresponded between the American and French authorities for the Panama Canal project. Visitors can spend hours exploring the planning and construction of Panama Canal and its impact on the economic evolution of the nation.

Location: Zone 1, Central Plaza Avenue.

Museum of Contemporary Art

This museum is one of the most respected centers of art/craft exhibition in Panama. It houses ancient and revered pieces of art, some of which are centuries old. There are many works in oil and water paintings belonging to famous, national and foreign artists.

Location: near San Blas Street in Ancon.

Museum of Anthropology

Along with the Museum of Natural Sciences, this museum is the most renowned resource of archeological and anthropological findings that have been documented in Panama.

Location: 5 Central Avenue, near Plaza De Mayo.

Religious Art Museum

This museum is dedicated to displaying various collections, including engravings and paintings that have a mythological or religious interpretation. Most of the paintings have a story to narrate in the form of folklore or something parallel in ancient texts. The most popular displays include the objects made of human bones and silver and the golden altar.

Location: 3 Street Avenue, San Felipe.

Panama History Museum

This museum details the history of Panama from the first documented arrival of the Spanish missionaries. The display includes many letters that were exchanged between the provincial leaders of Panama fighting for independence and the ruling, Colombian administrators. The most popular display is the pages from the Torrijos-Carter Treaty.

Location: 7 & 8 Streets, Central Avenue.


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