Things to do in Fuerte amador

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Although it is a small area, the Fuerte Amador has several recreational and tourist activities contained within the islands via a short trip back to Panama City. The activities draw upon its geography, historical significance, and role in the local tourism industry.

Watch the Ships

The four islands, Culebra, Flamenco, Naos, and Perico, existed prior to the building of the Panama Canal, but the Canal's construction process connected them. The sediment removed became the Amador Causeway. So it is fitting that one activity during a visit is to watch the enormous container ships come through the Canal. The view does not get much better.

Visit the Panama Canal Administration Building in Balboa to learn more about the building of the Canal and to see the murals depicting the construction process. 

Visit the Metropolitan Natural Park

Just 15 minutes from Panama City, the park is one of few parks within a tropical city. Visitors can hike to the top of Cerro Mono Titi and experience the view of the city, look back down the Causeway, or see the Port of Balboa. Bird watchers may also be interested in visiting the park. In addition to several other hiking trails, there is a small museum and shop located within the park.

Rent a Bike

The Causeway is used by local joggers, bikers, and walkers, particularly during the mornings. Bike rentals are available from the island resorts or from several vendors on the other end of the Causeway. Many of the stores and restaurants provide bike racks for guests.

Go Shopping

Fuerte Amador is still used as a port of call for several cruise ships. As a result, there are several restaurants, bars, and a recently opened shopping area located on Flamenco Island.

Learn About Marine Life

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) is located on Culebra. Although it is primarily a research facility, the STRI also operates a museum, two aquariums, and a nature trail to view the local habitat and learn about marine life. The Centro de Exhibiciones Marinas has signs in English and Spanish.

Go Golfing

If golf is your passion, try golfing at the Summit Golf Club, just 30 minutes from Panama City. Situated in tropical beauty, the Summit Golf Club is a championship course. Few courses would be able to compete with the tropical landscape.

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