Sights in Fuerte amador

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In Fuerte Amador, sights are countless along this thin stretch of land that connects Panama to its 3 popular islands. Depending on what it is you're interested in, there are a number of attractions that will meet the expectations of every traveler, regardless of age.


One of the main things locals do in Fuerte Amador is bike. The Amador Causeway is too narrow to accommodate much traffic, but bike paths are one thing this strip of land has in excess. There are countless bike rental shops all along the causeway that rent bikes for people to enjoy the sea breeze and views of the Panama City skyline as well as the activities of the many marinas.

Ferry to Tobago Island

One of the biggest attractions in Fuerte Amador is the ferry trip to Tobago Island. The Calypso ferries are the boats to book when planning this trip. Next to the Mi Ranchito restaurant is the Calypso Ferry Dock, which is where you will catch your ride. Call ahead for scheduling to make sure you plan for the correct duration of the trip as the ferry makes multiple trips throughout the day.

A casual fishing community, Tobago Island is the place to go for an afternoon on the beach. Because the Amador Causeway is primarily the highway and bike paths are dotted with restaurants, the beaches are all on the islands. Not only are there sandy beaches to stretch out on, but there are countless shops that rent jet skis, diving equipment and a variety of boats. There are also a handful of shops selling local handicrafts which are perfect for souvenirs of your travels. A trip aboard the Calypso Queen or Calypso Princess to Tobago Island is an activity you will want to plan on!

Fuerte Amador Resort and Marina

One of the highlights of the Amador Causeway is the Fuerte Amador Resort and Marina. The Resort is a 2-story building that offers guests everything from countless shops to purchase souvenirs for friends and family members, restaurants, bars and cafes as well as rental opportunities. If you want to experience the Panama Canal for yourself, the Fuerte Amador Resort and Marina is the place to go to rent a boat for the day. What better way to experience the Canal than to be out there among the waves? Not only does this Marina meet those needs, but it is also a great place to start and end your day with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a cocktail.

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