Shopping in Fuerte amador

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Fuerte Amador, apart from being a natural sea-side paradise and hot leisure holiday spot is also a great place to pick up a range of items from traditional souvenirs available in local markets to modern, branded merchandise at up-market indoor malls and shopping centers. Here is a visitor’s guide to shopping in Fuerte Amador Panama.


For angling enthusiasts, Pesqueros is a 1-stop shop for all fishing equipment and accessories that can be purchased at very reasonable prices. This handy store, located in the Clubhouse Building, sees several tourists here in the early mornings for their share of fishing goods.


This is a great specialty store for riders. Look no further if you are interested in buying Yamaha equipment, Bobcat accessories, Yanmar engines and other transport related items. Housed in the same Clubhouse Building as Pesqueros, Tesa is for the rugged adventure buffs who want to take off for a ride in the narrow alleys of Fuerte Amador Panama.


The hip fashion store located in the Terminal Building is filled with fashion accessories of the season, all neatly arranged in several categories on their racks. There are also traditional handicrafts that make for lovely souvenirs and a small in-house stall that serves refreshments for tired shoppers. The rates are slightly on the higher side but the goods are all exclusive and of top-notch quality.

Tierra Linda

This store is a delight for all shoppers. Visitors can buy everything from hand-made paper craft items to local souvenirs and traditional wooden handicrafts. The Pananma Tropic Shop, located in the town center, is another great place to find local products, food items and artifacts.

Albrook Mall

The Albrook Mall is a mega shopping destination in town and offers year round discounts on designer merchandise. The food court of the mall houses international food chains like Wendy’s, KFC and Pizza Hut.

Flamenco Shopping Plaza

This swanky mall is a mélange of several bars, fine-dining restaurants and expensive boutiques. This is also one of the best places to pick up quality Panamanian leather products, cigars and local handicrafts.

Los Pueblos

This gigantic mall, located near the Panama International Airport houses over a dozen specialty outlets that offer huge discounts and bargains on all grocery and food items.

Fuaerte Amador Panama is a shopper’s paradise and several items like rare jewelry pieces, world-class handbags and the most exclusive French perfumes are available at duty-free shops spread throughout the town.

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