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Fuerte Amador, a one-mile causeway in Panama, provides a great holiday experience for senior travelers. Older citizens will enjoy the diverse tropical and natural offerings found in this place. The Fuerto amador senior travel guide offers senior tourists several ideas for enjoying a fun-filled Panamanian vacation.

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

A great and educational place to visit, the STRI showcases marine life and technology. A fun activity to do is to match and pair the different ocean vessel illustrations posted on the wall with the ships anchored on bay. Visit the nearby “El Centro del Exhibiciones Marinas” (Marine Exhibition Center) for several exhibitions pertaining to marine ecology.

Island of Flowers Tour

A nice and relaxing way to enjoy Fuerte Amador is by going to “Isla Taboga”. Aptly called the Island of Flowers, Taboga island provides great beaches and wonderful wildlife to explore. Enjoy fishing in crystal clear waters, and visit one of the oldest churches in Panama, “Iglesia San Pedro”.

Fuerte Amador Resort and Marina

Get a thrill of Panamanian culture and cuisine right at the Fuerte Amador Resort and Marina. Conveniently located on the southern tip of the causeway, the resort has a two-story shopping center, where senior visitors can pick up handy everyday items and souvenirs. Get a taste of local delicacies at the restaurants and bars in the area.

Metropolitan Natural Park

Nothing beats the pleasure of a good old-fashioned walk in a park. The Metropolitan Natural Park has several varieties of birds which may appeal to bird-watchers of all ages. Coupled with a museum and souvenir shops in its vicinity, the park has all the facilities and activities to suit older citizens.

Summit Gold Club

The only golf course in Central America with a GPS system, the Summit Golf Club provides a different kind of experience for older citizens. Golf players and visitors will enjoy the lush, tropical scenery of the golf course. Members of the club may take advantage of several programs, like ladies and children's golf classes. Senior citizen travelers will definitely enjoy the spa and swimming pool amenities.


What better way to enjoy Fuerto Amador than sightseeing along the causeway itself? Packed with stand-alone restaurants and shops, coupled with clean, organized walkways, there’s no better place to get a view of the Panama Canal. Bike lanes are found on the causeway as well, and commuting is no hassle with taxis and buses traveling to and fro. Fuerto Amador is indeed a safe and fun place for senior travelers. With its lush greenery and vibrant culture, the laidback atmosphere best suits older citizens.

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