Nightlife and Entertainment in Fuerte amador

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Panamanians, or Panamanacans as the locals would prefer to be called, love the nightlife, albeit in a more laidback way. Their idea of fun is not to groove to jarring music, but in the form of classic tunes playing in the background, while the locals enjoy their drinks over animated conversations. The Fuerte amador nightlife guide offers visitors a list of the best places to head to after the sun sets.

The Wine Bar 

The Wine Bar is a nice, informal bistro boasting of a wine cellar of over 300 choicest varieties from all over the world. Patrons can also nibble on an array of cheese platters to go along with the wine. There are other fast-food items like pizzas, sandwiches and burgers to keep hunger pangs at bay. Live musicians keep playing vintage and popular tunes throughout the night to entertain visitors. The bar is just a stone’s throw away from the El Panama Hotel and is therefore very popular with tourists.  

Café Barko

Feel the sea breeze gently caress your skin as you approach this entertaining hotspot. Café Barko is a relaxed sea-side café that plays lovely vintage tunes, which are reminiscent of the golden era of the 60’s and 70’s. Don’t forget to taste the excellent sushi as you sit back and enjoy the cozy ambiance. The café also serves some creative salads and scrumptious appetizers.

La Marina

Enjoy a game of pool or get your body moving to the live music being played at La Marina. This is one of the hottest night clubs frequented more by visitors and expats than locals. The collection of music played throughout the night is undoubtedly good and so is the food. The patio area would be the best place to settle down and rest for a while before calling it a night.


Giving you a lovely ambiance and a breathtaking view of the skyline of Panama City, Kayuko is a fun place to be. It offers a lovely, casual setting to get together with friends and enjoy a couple of refreshing drinks in the backdrop of the peninsula’s picturesque vistas. This snug, comfortable and discreet bar is ideal for a romantic night out as well.

Fuerte Amador Panama is one of those spirited destinations which boast of a good combination of both-lively dance clubs that cater to frolicking tourists and laidback bars and cafes to allow locals to have an intimate gathering.

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