Festivals in Fuerte amador

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The Fuerte Amador Festivals are similar to the celebrations held through the beautiful country of Panama. Fuerte Amador is located at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal and is a man-made peninsula. From Fuerte Amador, one can see the vibrant Panama City in the horizon. Here are just some of the traditional and exciting festivals held throughout the year in Feurte Amador.

Panama Jazz Festival

The Panama Jazz Festival is held in the month of January and is a week-long celebration of jazz music.  Musicians from Panama and from other countries throughout the world attend this prestigious event to perform and show their talents to colleagues and to guests of the festival. The Panama Jazz Festival is also an opportunity to learn more about the genre of jazz.

Chiriqui Highlands January Flower and Coffee Festival

The Chiriqui Highlands January Flower and Coffee Festival is a wonderful event for those who love and enjoy both flowers and coffee. This event attracts visitors from all over the world.  Because this is a 10-day festival, it is recommended for those attending to reserve their accommodations early. 

Panama Carnival

In the days leading up the Ash Wednesday in the month of February, the Via Espana and the entire Panama City are in full celebration mode and the sights and sounds of the Panama Carnival have taken over. Many colorful parades, the sounds of reggae music and the smell of ethnic foods fill the air.  Dancing, drinking and celebrating in the streets make the Panama Carnival very festive. Many compare the Panama Carnival to the New Orleans Mardi Gras. Visitors should book their accommodations early if planning to visit when the Panama Carnival takes place.

Festival of the Black Christ

Celebrated on October 21, the people of Fuerte Anador and the rest of Panama come to observe this unique parade, which features a life-sized statue of a black Christ. The Festival of the Black Christ has been celebrated for over 3 centuries and is considered to be one of the most spiritual events celebrated by the people of Panama. The history of this festival began when the people of Panama discovered a box with a statue of Christ in it. Once this box was opened the people of Panama suffered a cholera epidemic. Since this time the people of Panama have worshiped the statue and the epidemic ended.  During this festival, the statue of Jesus Christ is carried throughout the streets and the people of Panama eat, drink and celebrate with each other. 

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