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Fuerte Amador, Panama is located at the Pacific entrance into the Panama Canal and is home to many great restaurants. The Panamanian food is very similar to most other Latin American cuisine and isn't as spicy as some might think. There are many traditional restaurants as well as other ethnic restaurants to chose from in Fuerte Amador.

Cafe El Barko

Located at Calle Amador, Isla Flamenco, Panama City, the restaurant is a seafood lover's paradise. At Cafe El Barko you can enjoy many of the fresh catches of day such as lobster, fish, shrimp, calamari,or the speciality ceviche (fish cured in lime sauce). The restaurant is located on Isla Flamenco, the last island on the causeway, and offers spectacular views. Occasionally you will be lucky enough to enjoy live music at the cafe, but you can always count on excellent service and delicious food. Combination platters are available to share, as well as some traditional Panamanian dishes, and you will also find sushi available here.

Lenos & Carbon

The name of this restaurant is roughly translated to firewood and coal in English and is a great dining spot with some excellent skyline views of Panama City. Lenos & Carbon offers excellent service and quality food at an affordable price. The restaurant is a mid-range option where you can casually dine, or get dressed up and make an evening here. The servers speak some English, but the menu is pretty self explanatory. Lenos & Carbon offers many great Panamanian dishes as well as many continental dishes. The food here is cooked to order, and you won't be disappointed with the views.

Alberto's Cafe

Alberto's Cafe, located on Isla Flamenco, is a great little dining spot located at the Flamenco Marina. Alberto's serves classic Italian food, and has some of the best pizzas in Panama City. Alberto's can get a quite busy, and the service can be marginal at times, but the cuisine is well worth the wait. It is a perfect spot for lunch with a great view of the marina. The 6-page menu can be a little overwhelming as it offers a wide range of meats, pastas, pizzas and seafood, but it does offer something for everyone.

Mi Ranchito

Located at Isla Naos, Fuete Amador, Panama City the restaurant is situated near the Smithsonian Institute and offers an array of classic Panamanian dishes. Mi Ranchito is the perfect open air restaurant for a delicious, fresh seafood meal and cold beer. The view is amazing, and the cool breezes that sweep through the restaurant are certainly invited on hot days. Make sure to try the coconut rice or the Panamanian combination specialities plate for a nice taste of Panama.

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