Day Trips in Fuerte amador

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The day trips from the Fuerte Amador emphasize the natural beauty and historical importance of the area. Activities range from the historic to the modern, but all of them focus on the outdoors.

Visit Old Panama

The first city in Panama was established in 1519, and became a trading stop on the way to and from Spain. Panama Viejo, or Old Panama, was looted and set on fire in 1671, but some of the ruins are still visible today, including the church of La Merced, convent of Saint Francis, and the King's bridge. There is a museum near the site which displays found objects from the original period.

Indian Village Tour

An Embera Indian Village is located one and a half hours from Panama City. Take a canoe up the river and through a rainforest on the way to the village. The river is the only way to access the village.

Portobello Bay

Two hours from Panama City on the Caribbean is a small town which includes ruins of Spanish forts. It was once a shipping point for mined gold and other treasures acquired through looting. As a result of the available riches, Portobello became a target for pirates who wanted to seize the treasures. English pirate Sir Francis Drake is thought to have died near the town.

SoberanĂ­a National Park

SoberanĂ­a has a 100-foot observation tower which boasts views of the forest and its canopy. A vast number of birds inhabit the park, and several world records have been set there for the number of bird species spotted in one day. It is also the home of resorts Canopy Tower and Gamboa Rain Forest Resort.

Located 45 minutes from Panama City, Canopy Tower is a haven for bird watchers, but there is plenty to see and to photograph for any lover of nature and the outdoors.  45 minutes from Panama City, the Gamboa Rainforest Resort offers a variety of eco tours, including a trip on an aerial tram through the rainforest canopy, kayaking, and fishing. After a day of outdoor adventures, dine in the Resort's Las Lagartos Restaurant or lounge at the pool.

El Valle

For a different small-town experience, visit the mountain town two hours from Panama City. It is known for the artists and craftspeople who sell items in town. Find an inexpensive restaurant for lunch and view the mountains from a zipline tour.

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we are looking for a day trip tues dec. 21st.

The 2 of us arrive at 8am on coral princess and leave at 6pm.

what tours do you have.

we would like to go to :

arial tram

embera indian village


thank you,


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