Budget Travel Ideas in Fuerte amador

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Fuerte amador is a causeway link for four tiny islands, namely Culebra, Flamenco, Naos and Perico. It was once used as a harbor for the old Panama city, which was destroyed in 1671. Today it is a rising tourist destination for people who want to relax and just be one with nature. This Fuerte amador budget travel guide lists helpful information for travelers to make the most of their budget trip to this Panamanian hotspot.

Budget Sightseeing and Recreation

Fuerte amador has been a major walking and biking trail along the bayside. Biking has always been a favorite tourist activity due to the fact that the causeway is too narrow for big vehicles to cross. Bike rentals are easily available at reasonable prices at the tip of the causeway. One can also experience the heady joy of watching luxury ships at the yachts club or take in a striking vista of the port of Panama Canal from the causeway.

Another great budget attraction is the Metropolitan Natural Park, which is just 15 minutes from Panama City. Visitors will get a wider view of the entire causeway from the park, along with witnessing some of the region's most interesting wildlife spices. The adventure, sightseeing and sports activities at Fuerto amador can easily be enjoyed on a budget.

Budget Eating and Shopping

Fuerte amador is seen as a sea-side paradise, but it is also a great shopping and eating hot spot. Some of the recommended shops where visitors can pick up affordable items are Tesa for fishing equipment, Drillo for the latest fashion accessories and Albrook Mall, which is considered the largest mall in town.

When it comes to restaurants where you can enjoy the best food at affordable prices, you may want to visit Mi Rachito, where you'll be able to enjoy all the dishes that the Panamanians are proud of, without spending a fortune. Another restaurant is Lenos and Carbon. They offer affordable dishes that are fresh, flavorsome and delicious. There is no fixed menu here, and dishes are specially made to order.

Budget Hotels and Accommodations

There aren't any budget hotels in Fuerte amador, but travelers can check out hotels in nearby cities. Try the economy lodges and hostels located in the city center of Panama City. They usually have accommodations that are affordable for budget travelers. Mamallena Backpackers, Hotel Marparaiso (approximately $27 per night), Gran Hotel Casino Soloy (approximately $50 per night), Hotel Doral and Aparthotel Torres de Alba are some nice value for money accommodation options in Panama City.

Fuerto amador is a lush tropical peninsula that can be discovered and relished, even on a shoe string budget.


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