Bars and Cafes in Fuerte amador

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In Fuerte Amador, bars and cafes dot this strip of land connecting the main land of Panama to 3 islands, making it easy for you to enjoy a cocktail after an afternoon sightseeing. At any of these bars and cafes, the views of the skyline of Panama City as well as cruise ships, yachts and other boats coming into the marinas are a view you will definitely want to soak in.

Fuerte Amador Resort and Marina

Located on Flamenco Island, the Fuerte Amador Resort and Marina is a 2-story building offering visitors shops and bars, restaurants and cafes. A fairly new complex, this resort gives tourists a taste of every beverage imaginable--fine wine, mixed drinks and delicious espresso creations. Bars and cafes in and around the resort include the K.Yo.Co Bar and Grill, Bennigan's Grill and Tavern and Alberto's Cafe.

The Wine Bar

A small bar with stunning views, the Wine Bar is a perfect location to kick back and enjoy the calming sea breeze. The Wine Bar offers guests a huge selection of over 200 wines, a variety of cheeses, homemade pizza all to be enjoyed while being serenaded by live in-house music. Off the beaten path, this bar allows you to enjoy the scenery with friends and family without having to deal with the noise and crowds commonly found in bars.

Cafe Barko

Offering some of the best views on the Amador Causeway, Cafe Barko lets you sample delicious food while enjoying panoramic views of Panama City and the Panama Canal.  A great place to come for a cocktail night with friends, the full bar at Cafe Barko is impressive and sure to please any taste. Also offering one of Panama's complete wine lists, Cafe Barko is known for it's amazing sushi and seafood, a real treat you won't want to miss out on. The staff at Cafe Barko are all bilingual so whether you speak English or Spanish, you are sure to get what you order.


Pangea is an upscale restaurant and bar that offers the best of the best. Fine spirits, wine and a full bar are available to please every preference. Pangea offers guests complimentary Wifi, a cigar room, 2 terraces with stunning views, dancing and smooth music. There is a business/smart casual dress code. Beach wear, shorts, tank tops and the like are not accepted so keep this in mind when bar hopping.

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