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accommodation in Fuerte amador

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Give yourself a treat by staying at one of the Fuerte Amador Hotels while holidaying here. These hotels offer first class accommodations and include modern amenities. Here are a few recommendations for you.

Radisson Decapolis

The Radisson Decapolis is a 4-star hotel located right in the center of Balboa-Multicentro in Fuerte Amador and just a few steps away from St Andrews State Park.  This 29-storey hotel boasts of its world class facilities and amenities like: the glass-bottom indoor pool, onsite fusion restaurants and cafés, a sushi bar, a martini bar, function rooms, Aqua spa and gym, a saloon and another outdoor pool. There are 240 guestrooms with fully equipped mini bar, satellite television, coffeemaker, safety box, private lounge and walk-in closet. Rates start from $155 per night.

Veneto Hotel and Casino

This is a 5-star hotel located on Eusebio Morales Avenue in Fuerte Amador. Veneto Hotel and Casino can be compared to the casino-hotels in Las Vegas with its world class facilities and amenities and superb services. The hotel provides a full service spa, world-class restaurants, a 40,000-square foot casino and a gymnasium. It also has 301 luxury suites that are fully equipped with cable TV, voicemail systems, wireless Internet, mini-bars, safety deposit boxes and hairdriers. Standard room rate is $175 per night.

Royal Decameron

This is a grandiose hotel and resort situated 90 minutes southwest of Panama City. The Royal Decameron Beach Resort Golf and Casino has 600 guest rooms with tropical theme interiors and magnificent ocean views from patios or balconies. The hotel is surrounded by luxuriant gardens and includes 8 large pools, 11 bars, an 18-hole golf course, a spa, 8 restaurants, a world-class casino, night clubs and water sports facilities. This is a perfect place to enjoy a holiday. Standard room rate starts at $200 per night.

Hotel El Panama

Another popular multi-function hotel in Fuerte Amador is Hotel El Panama. This is a 5-star hotel located right in the heart of the city, on Via Espana. Hotel El Panama has 330 guest rooms that have a magnificent view of the city. Every room is equipped with in-room cell phone, cable TV, telephone, wireless Internet, coffee percolator, safety deposit box and voicemail. Average room rate cost $190 per night.

Playa Blanca Hotel and Resort

The Playa Blanca Hotel and Resort offers excellent accommodation, great service and world class amenities. The hotel is located on the most beautiful beach along the Pacific Coast in Panama and is just a few-hour’s drive from the airport. There are 219 luxury rooms in the hotel including a private lounge area with great view of the beach, pool or garden. Standard room rate starts at $103 per night.

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