7 Day Itinerary in Fuerte amador

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Fuerte Amador will quench any traveler’s wanderlust. A one-mile causeway by the Pacific Entrance of the Panama Canal, the long stretch of land offers much attraction to the four islands it connects to. With tourism in mind, it opens up diverse and fun activities for visitors of different tastes. From museum visits to wonderful sights and sounds to behold, travelers can experience Panama’s best right at Fuerte Amador. The following 7 Day Itinerary will help you see everything that Fuerte Amador has to offer.

Day One: Gaze in Awe

Start your trip with a bang! Gaze in awe at a twisted – or melted – structure along Fuerte Amador. Designed by eclectic architect Frank Gehry, the “Panama Bridge of Life Biodiversity Museum” is a sight visitors won’t forget very soon. Originally conceptualized to be an aquarium, the Biomuseum will soon house several exhibits focusing on natural history. Currently ongoing construction, the museum is scheduled to open in 2011.

Day Two: Nature Trip

Spend a day learning more about tropical nature’s wonders at the “Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute”. A landmark on Marine education, science, and aquatic conservation, the institute offers a wealth of trivia for visitors. Make sure to visit “El Centro del Exhibiciones Marinas” or the Marine Exhibition Center for different exhibits regarding marine life. And don’t miss out on the free use of the telescope to view ships crossing the Panama Canal

Day Three: Panama Cuisine and the Island of Flowers

For a fine taste of Panamanian Cuisine, check out “Mi Ranchito” Restaurant. A popular restaurant, the food it serves goes hand-in-hand with the ambiance created by the open-air huts. After enjoying the local delicacies, hop over to the nearby Calypso Ferry Dock and make your way over to “Isla Taboga”, or the Island of Flowers. The island’s highlight is “Iglesia San Pedro”, one of the oldest churches in Panama.

Day Four: Yacht Club

Visit the Balboa Yacht Club to experience a different level of high. View the private yachts docked on its bay, or enjoy eating and dancing in the Yacht Club bar and restaurant.

Day Five: Convention Center Fever

Make sure to drop by the Figali Convention Center for events and concerts. One of the most advanced sports and events centers in Central America, the Convention Center will surely have something for everyone.

Day Six: Shopping Delight

Acquire mementos and other necessities during your Fuerte Amador trip at the “Los Pueblo” mall. Other areas of interest are the “Flamenco Shopping Plaza” and “Tesa”, where you can get a range of different kinds of items, such as Panamanian handicrafts and cigars.

Day Seven: Unwind

Cap off the week by enjoying a walk along the causeway. Benches along the stretch of the bay provide a great view of the Panama Canal. Discover hole-in-the-wall haunts and restaurants with the convenience of security in the clean, wide walkways.  Fuerte Amador, though tiny and unassuming at first instance, springs up several surprises for travelers who are willing to explore its unconventional beauty.

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