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The city of Fuerte Amador is a redeveloped port located close to Panama City and the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. This port actually existed once before, but was destroyed hastily in 1671 when the newer city of Casco Antiguo was built (a UNESCO World Heritage Site today). The Fuerte Amador Travel Guide will give information on not only the area's history, but also sights to see and things to do here.

Sights to See and Things to Do

The Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Research provides a marine laboratory on the coast of Panama called the Bocas del Toro Research Station which offers a modern research vessel and access to both of the very different oceans that are only 50 miles apart. The oceans of the Pacific and the Atlantic are divided by the Isthmus of Panama (this happened over three million years ago) thus creating the ideal place for experimentation and study. Visitors can easily reach the marine station by ferry as it sits right on the island's beach front.


Shop duty-free in either old town or the new part of town and find generous bargains on cultural items such as hand-woven molas made by the local Cuna Indians. Fuerte Amador also has a good sized 2-level shopping plaza called The Flamenco Shopping Center, many fine restaurants and a convention center to visit on the mile-long causeway of land that stretches out into the Pacific Ocean. The causeway connects 4 smaller islands which you can also visit by boat - Naos, Perico, Flamenco and Culebra.

Locks and Museums

Travel out to the Miraflores Locks and watch boats float through the Panama Canal from the observation deck, wander inside the museum located here, and read about the historical exhibits of the Canal. Then head out to the old quarter of town and explore where the streets are still lined with classic colonial houses of French and Spanish architecture.

Tours and Excursions

You will also find a vast marina and yacht club where boats depart on daily cruise excursions to the resort island of Isla Taboga. Take a tour of the authentic Embera Indian Village that begins at Chagres National Park, embarks in a dugout canoe down the river ending at the village for a 6 1/2-hour day trip. There is also Gamboa's Resort Monkey Island where you can roam the the Gamboa Rainforest Resort for approximately 5 hours and view monkeys, among other creatures, in their natural habitats.

Fuerte Amador, located at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal is an artificial peninsula jutting out into the Pacific from Balboa that connects three small islands to the mainland.  It is now a bourgeoning tourism complex where local city dwellers enjoy cycling, walking, and enjoying the breeze and the incredible view of the Panama City skyline and on the other side, the ships entering the Panama Canal.

It is separated from Panama city by Ancón Hill. It is a major port of call of cruise lines, there is also a Marina, the Flamenco Yacht Club.

If you arrive here and have limited time you can arrange trips to Panama City or the Canal with one of the tour operators in the portal zone. If you have some more time and want to see something of the country, you might want to move on to Panama city to find accommodation there.


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