Festivals in Panama

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Participating in Panama City festivals is an ideal way to explore the religious and cultural diversity of Panama. Some of the more popular Panama City festivals are discussed below:

Panama City Beach Seafood, Wine & Music Festival

This is among the more contemporary of Panama City festivals, wherein the emphasis is upon celebrating music and food for three days. Held usually in the month of May, the festival attracts thousands of foreign visitors. Most popular events include the free, wine-tasting sessions. Visitors can also participate in some local competitions.

Festival of Black Christ

Celebrated in October, this is among the more religiously-themed of Panama City festivals. Visitors need to take a bus-ride and reach Portobelo, a small town along the outskirts of Panama City, for watching the celebrations. This includes a huge procession wherein a life-sized statue of Jesus is carried through the streets.

Annual Panama Carnival

The most popular of Panama City Festivals is the Panama Carnival. This is essentially a cultural festival and doesn’t adhere to any religious calendars or worshipping of any kind. Held in February, the celebrations are spread across four days. The final day of the festival is called ‘Ash Wednesday’. This festival is considered at par with the Mardi Gras of New Orleans in terms of its vibrant colors and outlandish parades. Visitors can accompany the natives dancing through the streets or stand back and watch the fireworks light-up the sky. This carnival is celebrated all over Panama, but it is commonly acknowledged that the processions are the best in Panama City.

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