Family Travel Ideas in Panama

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Best of Panama City Family Travel Ideas

Family vacationers planning a trip to Panama City should be acquainted with some Panama City family travel ideas. Having prior knowledge helps to ensure appropriate yet entertaining travel choices can be made.

Summit Botanical Gardens and Zoo

The Summit is not the biggest national park in Panama, but it is ideally suited for family travelers. In terms of combining a comprehensive range of flora and fauna of Panama, Summit Gardens is on par with any other nature park in the nation. Other national parks around Panama City require day-long traveling, hiking and even forging across rough waters, and those are not the most favorable options for family vacationers.

Reaching the Summit

The Summit is located within a bigger national reserve area, referred to as the Soberania Park. Reaching the Summit is rather easy. Families can hire a cab that takes just about 20 minutes to reach the area. The ride along the connecting Gamboa Road is comfortable, and connecting buses are also available. The entrance fee is low, and the rates for children below the age of 12 are further discounted.

Family-themed Entertainment

All the walking paths are lined with tropical forest trees on either side. The surrounding natural enclosures feature animals like caiman, tapirs, monkeys and macaws. The biggest attraction is the national bird of Panama, the Harpy Eagle, which is among the world’s largest preying birds. The Summit is home to more than 14,000 different plants that comprise the unique flora of Panama. Other animal attractions include some regional varieties of parakeets, alligators and jaguars.

The botanical displays help to understand the efficiency of greenhouses and organic methods of farming. Some parts of the park provide an insight into Panama’s history. For instance, the surrounding palm trees plantations were set up as a means to barricade the area during World War II. A presentation by the park's officials introduces the idea of endangered species and conservation to children. Families can also take a guided trip through Miraflores Locks, a rainforest reserve located along the outskirts of the Summit. The Pipeline Road is counted among Central America’s most recommended trails for bird-watching.

Suitability for Family Travelers

Dedicated recreational areas for toddlers have been created within the Summit. There is also an auditorium and video room to help children understand the wildlife of Panama. The park has a range of options to keep children busy, and it combines open paved spaces with lush-green grass. A small restaurant within the park’s complex serves hygienically-prepared, affordable food.

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