Eating Out in Panama

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In the capital of the Republic of Panama, there is a good choice of Panama City Restaurants to choose from. Tourists flock to Panama City to enjoy its varied nightlife scene, shopping zones, beaches and restaurants. From European cuisine to Asian fare right up the usual American burger-and-fries meal, Panama City has it all. Here are some of the better known restaurants to stop by when you visit Panama City.

Continental Cuisine

Drop by Borago to enjoy an excellent Italian meal. Pizzas are best served either at Marco's Gulf Pizza or Red Rose Jems Pizzeria. Boon Docks Restaurant serves up seafood and beef dishes cooked in a continental style. The restaurant has a good range of desserts too. Good restaurants to enjoy a steak cooked to perfection include the Longhorn Steakhouse and Pandora's Restaurant. Fatty's Sandwich Shop offers a wide range of delicious sandwiches and burgers.

Other Cuisines

When in Panama City, try o ut the Thai Cafe for excellent Thai and Indonesian fare. Basmati's is a superb selection for Indian food as well as other types of Asian cuisines. It can get a bit expensive at Basmati's, but the well prepared meal will let you know that it is well worth your money spent. Taco Bell at Panama City Beach serves up well-made tacos and other Mexican food. Chopsticks Oriental Restaurant is a good choice if you want to eat a good Chinese meal. Other Asian restaurants not to be missed are Jade Garden, New Jin Jin Chinese Restaurant, Mikato Japanese Restaurant, Oishi Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar and Chinatown Restaurant.


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