Budget Travel Ideas in Panama

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Easy-to-use Panama City Budget Travel Ideas

Panama City budget travel ideas put forth an easy way of making substantial savings during a Panama City vacation. From an overall perspective, Panama City is an undemanding city and affordable for international travelers. However, due to its increasing reputation among global tourist destinations, Panama City can be expensive for family and budget travelers. This is particularly true for first-time visitors in Panama who aren’t familiar with the city’s landscape.

Save by Scheduling Timing of Vacation

Panama City is climatically hospitable for most part of the year. Despite the perennial tropical climate, different months of the year represent different levels of overall affordability.

  • When not to travel: The high season begins from the beginning of the holiday season in December up to April. Budget travelers should avoid this time. The months of May, June and July witness heavy rainfall. May isn't recommended from a traveling perspective due to the thunderstorms and torrential rains which can make the outdoors inaccessible.
  • When to go: Although the middle part of June is part of the rainy season, the rain is often more sporadic. The end of November and the early part of December also witness a moderately-wet climate. During these periods, the rainfall comes as intermittent showers and are not as problematic. This is the time when hotels reduce their rentals, and tour planners provide highly-discounted tour packages.

Save on Accommodation Expenses

Panama City has numerous hotels that address the accommodation needs of nearly every type of traveler. However, the presence of international tourists means rates are bound to escalate with little prior notification. The best way to save some money is to book an all-suite lodging, which is often listed as "Apart Hotels." These are essentially hotel-like, small apartments. They are reasonably priced throughout the year and are ideally suited for family or budget travelers. Smaller hotels in slightly rural neighborhoods, like Casco Viejo, provide some excellent, money-saving accommodation choices.

Save on Eating Expenses

Budget travelers can feel assured about finding affordable, sumptuous food in Panama City. Rather than eating in specialty restaurants which can be very expensive, travelers are recommended to try ethnic cuisines served in humble-looking but clean stalls. Snacking expenses can be further reduced by buying fresh, local fruits found in abundance at surprisingly low rates.

Transportation Expenses

Using some form of local transport in Panama City is essential since most of the city is not conducive for walking. An easy way to reduce transportation expenses is to find a group of travelers who are headed towards the same sightseeing destination and try to book shared taxis for a round trip packaged deal.

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