When to Go in Bocas del toro

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Planning an excellent vacation includes good timing, especially when visiting a place that is known for extreme fluctuations in weather. Bocas del toro is unique in that its weather patterns are quite different from those throughout the rest of Panama. In fact, they are opposite of each other. While the month of December is known as the high season in Panama, and prices of hotels are practically doubled, Bocas del toro is enduring massive amounts of daily rain.

The Rainy Season

The positive aspect of visiting Bocas del toro during its rainy season is the overall low prices on airfare and hotels. Also, the surfing is great during the rainy season in Bocas, which also takes place during the months of July and August. The sun will peek through the clouds at certain parts of the day, but overcast skies are the norm. Unfortunately, the rainy months make for undesirable diving conditions due to the poor visibility in the ocean. This is caused by a constant stirring of underwater sediments.

Restaurant rates remain the same throughout the duration of the year at Bocas del toro, but some restaurants and lodges shut down during the rainy season due to lack of business. Boutiques and souvenir shops remain open all year round as do the local bars on Main Street in Bocas Town.

The Dry Months

September and October are the driest months in Bocas del toro, followed by May and June. Statistics have shown that March is the sunniest month of the year throughout the chain of islands. Many travelers are surprised to find a peak of liveliness during the month of September, which is when the annual fair takes place. Bars and clubs are open quite late and the energy in the streets is warming. September is a month of cultural celebration. As a result, hotel prices are often more than other times of the year, due to participation and spending from the local Panamanians.

A popular and well-reviewed hotel is La Coralina. Rates actually start relatively low during the Bocas del toro high season. La Coralina is a 20 minute walk from Bluff Beach, so it has ideal convenience and privacy.

Extensive research is recommended when looking for cheap airfares. Flights to Panama’s capital can be found at great prices on certain travel sites. Taxi, shuttle, or boat ride fees into Bocas del toro are consistent in price, and do not require extensive planning on the traveler’s behalf.

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