Top 5 Must Do's in Bocas del toro

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Bocas del toro is one of Panama's most desirable tourist destinations. It hosts some gorgeous beaches as well as a tropical rainforest. The inhabitants are laid back and friendly. Most of them even speak English. There are plenty of things to do in Bocas del toro, but you will not want to leave before participating in the following 5 activities.

1. Bocas Butterfly Farm

This butterfly farm is located on Colon Island. You must take a water taxi to get to it. Once you're there you will get to witness the most exotic butterflies in all of their life cycle stages. While you are there you can take stroll through the colorful garden.

2. Snorkeling

The best place to go snorkeling is in Coral Gardens. This spot is located on Coral Key, which again is accessible by water taxi. It is a must that you snorkel here to see some of the most beautiful coral in the world. In addition to the coral, you will get to view tropical fish, sting rays and lobsters.

3. Indian Village Tour

Did you know that Christopher Columbus actually discovered Bocas del toro? Another must see is to take a trip down one of Boca's rivers to an original Ngobe Bugle Indian Village. Here you can witness the way of life during Christopher Columbus' time. You can walk through the jungle and view the nearby manatees.

4. Bocas de Drago Beach

This beach is home to Starfish Point. Starfish Point hosts tons of red and orange starfish. These starfish are unique and a must see before you leave the island. The beach also boasts palm trees and mangroves. The waves are excellent for spending some time surfing. Whatever you do, you must wear shoes or flip flops while visiting this beach. The sand contains some slivers that can get stuck in your feet. They will come out naturally, but will annoy you if you step on them.

5. Rainforest Tour

One of the best sights in Bocas del toro is its rainforests. Since it's easy to get lost in a rainforest, it's recommended that you sign up for a tour. One tour will take you to a rainforest in Exotic Bird Island, where you will see birds that are only native to Bocas del toro. Monkeys, sloths and anteaters also live in these rainforests, so keep your eye open for them.

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