Shopping in Bocas del toro

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The shopping in Bocas del toro is undoubtedly one of a kind. Shops are unique in their display of Panamanian culture. Don’t expect to find designer threads along the local streets of Bocas Town. Instead, absorb the unique style of handmade crafts and brightly lit shops. Not to mention, local supermarkets offer fresh Panamanian foods and brands.

Bri Bri

Throughout Bocas del toro, travelers will notice the highly popular handicrafts known as molas. These colorful swatches of fabric are actually made by the Kuna Indians of Panama. A wide assortment of molas can be found at Bri Bri - a shop on Main Street. Bri Bri is owned by a friendly local woman who is happy to answer all questions about her indigenous crafts, from the history of the Kuna to the organic threads that molas are woven from.

On the opposite side of Main Street there is also a handicraft stand ran by Kuna Indians. Visitors can purchase local handmade items and know that the money is going directly to the artisans.

Tasty Treats

Some travelers prefer to bring a taste of Bocas del toro home and the Chocolate Shop at La Veranda Hotel is the place to go. The Chocolate Shop offers local made chocolate bars, derived from an original recipe of cacao beans. The cacao beans are grown throughout Panama and the owner of the shop proudly guarantees a completely organic chocolate bar.


For visitors in search of various Panamanian souvenirs, El Cacique is a popular spot, offering clothing and unique figurines. The Garrimar also has local handicrafts and is moderately priced.


All of Central America is known for a highly profitable crop-the coffee bean. Although coffee is sold everywhere, it is well worth the walk on Main Street to a local coffee shop known as Pachamama. Souvenirs and locally processed coffee is sold here at very reasonable prices. Not to mention, coffee is easily packed into suitcases and keeps its freshness for months at a time.


Travelers can find beachwear and an assortment of bathing suits at Ferryleritz, a local shop off Main Street. For casual clothing options, stop by Yomaris Boutique. Yomaris covers the basics and is conveniently located in Bocas Town. All visitors of Bocas del toro should bring a little Panamanian culture home, and the shops of Bocas Town make it easy and enjoyable to do.

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