Getting Around in Bocas del toro

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For travel within Bocas del Toro town and to destinations on the same island, you can either ride a bike or take a taxi, bus or boat. There are share taxis that can bring you to anywhere within the town of Bocas for as little as 50 cents. If you want to travel to Boca del Drago on the other side of the island, the best thing to do is to take the public bus service. This bus service runs five times a day between the two towns.

Water-taxis are the most common form of transportation in Bocas del Toro, and they can bring passengers to places on the same island as well as other islands and the mainland. There are a number of companies that provide water-taxi service between the mainland and Bocas del Toro once every hour. The boats will arrive at the mainland ports of Almirante, which is the gateway for inter-island travel, and Finca and Chiriqui, the transit points for those who are traveling to Costa Rica.

You can also take water-taxis directly to other islands. Depending on the distance of the journey, the rate can range from $2 to $20. It can be more expensive if you plan to travel to the farthest points in the archipelago. Some of the water taxis also provide regular travel from the town of Bocas del Toro to other islands. If you want to go to Bastimentos or Islas Carenero, it is cheaper to take the boats that are waiting near the Farmacia Rosa Blanca. 


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