Festivals in Bocas del toro

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Bocas Del Toro is Spanish meaning “mouth of the bull,” which is very much a fantastic description for this town situated in the rain forest of Panama. However, the name also perfectly describes Bocas Del Toro festivals …dangerously fun. With some enjoyable celebrations to partake in throughout the year, the city does a wonderful job of entertaining everyone who chooses to visit the area.

Festival Carnival

Carnival in Bocas Del Toro is an annual five day religious celebration. The festivity rejoices the end of evil. On the fifth day, the Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday, sin is killed as represented by the devil, and on Ash Wednesday the community awakens for a fresh start in preparation for Lent. Observers crowd the streets where they take in the sounds of Panamanian music and sights of colorful costumes with fantastical movements of dance. The grand processions held during this festivity are nothing less than superb entertainment, as streets come alive in the morning hours and drag through well into the evening. The Bocas community throw themselves wholeheartedly into the event, with great enthusiasm and pleasure. Everyone enjoys themselves, even if they are not affiliated with the religion. After all, it is one of the best celebrations held in the town to participate in.

Panamanian Independence Celebrations

In November, two very important dates are celebrated by both Panamanian and Bocaterno communities. Both these anniversaries involve independence for Panama. The first is on the 3rd of the month, where liberty from Colombia is remembered. The second date is observed on the 28th, when the country received freedom from Spain. Throughout the month, visitors will enjoy the aroma of street vendors, the musical harmonies of marching bands and visions of red, white and blue colors soaring in the sky. Every visitor will feel honored to share such liberating experiences with the locals.

Festival Feria del Mar

Feria del Mar, “Ferry of the Sea,” celebrates the area's natural resources and marine attractions, which is quite appropriate since Bocas Del Toro’s location involves both the coast and rain forest. Held in September, more than 20,000 people come to celebrate this 10 day festival. The Government sets up informational pavilions throughout the city to make visitors and the community alike more aware of the environment and the area’s ecosystem. Even the Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Investigations takes part in the event. Activities such as the annual men’s and women’s kayak races or the 25HP motor boat race take place and entertains everyone. Of course, plenty of Panamanian and Caribbean music drapes the mood of the festival with the Calypso Banda Show, always making the musical artists prevalent during the celebration. Feria del Mar is a fanciful celebration, educating everyone and giving the natural environment a little limelight for a change.

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