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Bocas del Toro is an archipelago comprised of nine islands. The capital of Bocas del Toro is located on Colon Island, the largest and most developed of the islands. Although the rainy season, usually during the summer months of June through September, can be quite harsh, the beaches of Bocas remain a world-renowned attraction. Travelers can easily fly into Bocas del Toro from Panama City or drive to Almirante and catch a ferryboat to the island.

Red Frog Beach

Upon arrival to the main town, also known as Bocas Town, travelers can choose from a variety of beaches to visit. Red Frog Beach is quite popular, located on the North end of Isla Bastimentos. This is a common choice for surfers. Red Frog offers a one-mile stretch of vacant beach and a small cabana restaurant that serves food throughout the day. Water taxis can take visitors to Red Frog from Bocas Town if the surf is calm, which is usually at low tide.

Boca Del Drago

The calm waters of Boca Del Drago draw tourists from Bocas Town, located 20 miles away. The surrounding clear water is home to a plethora of starfish. Boca Del Drago is known as a fishing community in addition to offering great swimming and snorkeling conditions. Boat tours are given daily and leave from the beach at set times. Visitors can take a break from the sun and eat at a beachside restaurant or tour La Bruta, a local bat cave with a natural stream of fresh water running from it.

Playa Bluff

Playa Bluff is a bumpy 30-minute drive from Bocas Town and a bit more secluded than Boca Del Drago. The private beaches of Playa Bluff are home to leatherback turtles during the months of March thru June, nesting season. Travelers in search of raw nature and remote accommodations find Playa Bluff appealing. The lush jungle merges with the sand creating a secretive and private feeling. There are also accessible waterfalls located nearby.

Cayos Zapatillas

Cayos Zapatillas is similar to Playa Bluff in that it is also home to sea turtle nesting. However, Cayos Zapatillas is easily accessed and fairly crowded at any given time of the year. The crowds are undoubtedly drawn to the white sand beaches and excellent snorkeling conditions. Bahia Sand Fly is also located near Bocas Town. This beach is convenient and simple-with a few local restaurants to choose from.

The beaches of Bocas del Toro vary in size and traveling convenience, but it is safe to say that there is a spot that can cater to any traveler’s needs. A little research will provide visitors with the options that best fit their desires. Some of the smallest beaches have the most sea life and nature to offer.


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