7 Day Itinerary in Bocas del toro

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Brimming with bright sun, green bed of tropical rainforests, stunning coral reefs and crystal clear water, Bocas del toro is an exotic getaway for families and friends. A small town tucked along the coast of Caribbean Sea with no congestions, no dust and no chaos is a perfect destination to unwind and relax. With a comfortable walking shoes and a sexy summer hat, you are all set to explore this tantalizing Columbus’s land!

 Day one: Scenic ride!

Begin your adventure on a bright sunny day with a terrific boat ride around the Colon Island. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Swan’s Cay, where the rare Red-billed tropicbirds and Brown boobies live. After a scrumptious lunch, head to the shores to watch the charming palm trees and glamorous starfishes dance to the solo compositions of the lapping waves.

 Day two: Undersea beauty!

No one would leave Bocas without taking a plunge into the pristine Caribbean Sea. Hospital Point, Coral Key, Dark Wood Reef, Punta Juan buoy are the best places to admire the pretty coral reefs and mangrove isles by diving and snorkeling. Enroll for an inexpensive course on water sport courses and also hire a water taxi for more fun.

 Day three: It’s a wild world…

Bastimentos National Park is a tropical wildlife farm, which preserves the habitat of beaches, coral reefs and mangroves. A daylong trip begins with a boat ride to Salt Creek, from where the gentle breeze and spectacular trees take you through the Caiman trail. Later, thrilling rides though the shaded canals of mangroves can give a glimpse of dolphins and turtles. Lastly visit the handicraft shops of Ngobe Bugle community, tribes of Panama. Hire a local tour guide for better assistance.

 Day four:  Beaches

Wear your beachwear, flaunt your body and get the perfect tan under the bright sun of the Panama beaches. The lonesome surrounding creates a tranquility within the soul and lets you forget the hustle and bustle of a city life. Nestled among the exotic birds, red frogs and sexy turtles, the raving beaches are an ideal place for animal enthusiasts.

 Day five: Shopping and Nightlife

Pleasing smiles of the Caribbean inhabitants and lively nightlife along the downtown entangles the travel enthusiasts into a web of never ending entertainment. Bribri, a marvelous handicraft store is the best in town to shop for best quality products. For colorful drinks and awesome time, step your feet in Barco Hundido bar or Buena Vista Deli & Bar.

 Day six: Cuisines

Pocket friendly restaurants like El Peca, La Laguna Hotel and Bahia Hotel are located around the downtown. Lunch buffets are available at throwaway prizes.  So don’t forget to sink your teeth into the exotic Caribbean delicacies.

 Day seven: Speak Spanish and do yoga

Let the stay at Bocas be a reason to learn Spanish and Yoga. There are exciting courses by the sea and don’t hold yourself from learning them.

 This year around tourist town of Panama makes the journey of every visitor never ending. So pack your bags and head to this magical land for lots of fun!



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