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The Panamanian province of Bocas del Toro is located on the western Caribbean coast and is surrounded completely by water. Overall, the province consists of 9 major islands plus a couple of hundred islets and cays; the latter being uninhabited and made of primarily coral and/or sand. If you're planning on visiting this exquisite land, use the Bocas del Toro Travel Guide provided to help plan your vacation and activities.

Things to Do

Go to one of the luxurious beaches of white sands and turquoise blue waters for a day of snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, body boarding or just swimming. Spend time swimming with dolphins and viewing other wildlife at Dolphin Bay or hike to a bat cave and walk through water while you admire tons of bats hanging from the cave ceilings. You could also rent a bike and make your way to the other side of the island for a day trip. Or go island hopping and explore some of the outlying smaller islands off the coast as these are part of the Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Sites.

What to Expect

The province and islands are made up of various cultures including Jamaican, Hispanic plus the native Ngöbe and Buglé people. English is a primary language spoken, but it wouldn't hurt to know some Spanish as well. You can virtually visit this area any time of year due to the warm humid weather, but the less rainy months include August to October and February to April. To travel on the islands you can rent a car, ride the bus, or use taxis, and for between island travel, there are water taxi's available too.

Eating and Sleeping

The restaurants of Bocas del Toro have much more of a Caribbean taste to their dishes than the rest of the country. Coconut is used in many dishes and desserts here, and you won't find that in other parts of Panama. If you're not keen on the Caribbean flavor, you can also find places offering more traditional foods like pasta, sandwiches and pizza.

You'll find a variety of accommodations in Bocas del Toro from the Aqua Lounge, a hostel and bar located on the water, to La Coralina, a family oriented villa right on the beach--and the owner makes some of the best food in town. You can also try the guest ranch Hacienda del Toro equipped with horses and a swimming pool or the Tesoro Escondido Eco-Lodge with cabins overlooking the beach from the bluffs they sit on.

The Bocas del Toro Archipelago is close to the border with Costa Rica. The islands offer the visitor a number of attractions: luxurious rain forests with an abundance of fauna and flora, sunny islands, beaches that compete with the Caribbean best, coral reefs in crystal clear water, mangrove islets in a lake-like scenery, guaymi indian villages and a national marine park that protects examples of the ecosystems and natural resources coexisting within the Archipelago boundaries, as a tribute to our future generations.

The caribbean architecture, the local cuisine, the people and their festivities, have made these islands a nice place to stay for a couple of days.

The main city and the most common place of arrivel is Bocas del toro town. There are two main beach areas on the main Island, both at opposite ends of the town. the first one is Bocas del Drago, and the other one is Bluff Beach, favored by surfers from all over the world.

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