When to Go in San Juan del Sur

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San Juan when to go to depends mostly on the climate. San Juan del Sur is a coastal town on the Pacific Ocean, in south-west Nicaragua. The town is a popular tourist location because of its many nearby and spectacular beaches. 

It is popular among surfers and is a vacation spot for many Nicaraguan families and foreign tourists, who consider it an unspoiled alternative to Costa Rica.

Weather and Seasons

It is at the edge of North Pacific Ocean, so annual rainfall is less compared to other parts. During the rainy season (July through October), sometimes there are tropical storms and hurricanes. The best time to travel there is during the dry season. As it is located in the Caribbean lowlands, it is a hot humid area with coastal plains. The night temperatures are 21 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius most of the year. During the day the sun is shines throughout.


A good time to visit is during Easter week celebrations as the place buzzing with excitement. You may also come during the fiesta commemorating San Juan's patron saint.


San Juan when to go to is if you either want to just laze on the sandy beaches, or surf in the ocean waves. Activities around the beaches are numerous as you can play beach volleyball. The famous beach that surfers love is Playa Maderas which is close to town. Here you will find beginners and also experts.

For the more experienced surfers, go to Playa Yankee where the waves are higher. Here you will not find surfing boards to rent, so carry one when going there. Other surfing breaks include Playa Iguana (this is for guests staying in private accommodation) and Rancho Santana which also allows guests only to surf.

Activities in San Juan del Sur

San Juan when to go also has to do with what activities are available. There is fishing decide to do off shore or inshore fishing. You can decide to hire a boat fully equipped for sport fishing or join a local fisherman on his fishing for the day. You can choose to go scuba diving or snorkeling out in the ocean as there are tours for this.

Horseback riding is another past time you can enjoy as there are horse for hire with guides to take you around the valleys or hillsides. For those who cannot ride a horse, hire a bike or hike around this beautiful surroundings. Make a point of seeing William Walker's (President from 1856 to 1857) fort.

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