Sights in San Juan del Sur

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San Juan del Sur sights include markets, statues and natural attractions. San Juan del Sur is a popular beach town that is frequented by both locals and international tourists. The main attraction is the beach but there are other sites to see in the area. The population largely consists of locals but there is a significant amount of foreigners living in the area. The town has maintained its charm and unique character while developments offer tourists all the necessary amenities.


Visit the waterfront to see boats anchored in the harbor. There are pelicans in this area. Walking around the harbor to the viewing points will take about 20 minutes but it is worth the effort.

Central Market

Situated at the heart of the town, this bustling market is worth a visit. It is open from the morning until 4 p.m. Fresh food such as fruit and vegetables is on sale. Going for breakfast or lunch at the market offers an alternative to eating in restaurants. Freshly cooked local cuisine is available in abundance at the market and it is a good place to sample different dishes at cheap prices. Other items such as clothes and shoes are on sale.


San Juan del Sur is host to a variety of amazing wildlife both in the sea and on land. There are many opportunities to see the animals of San Juan del Sur. There are Howler Monkeys in the area. These monkeys can be heard from up to 3 miles away and are one of the loudest animals. They eat leaves, flowers and fruits and live in the treetops, but if you are lucky you will be able to spot them foraging. San Juan del Sur is home to Olive Ridley turtles that nest on the beaches. When fully grown, the turtles can weigh 45 kgs. During egg-laying seasons the turtles all gather on the beach to lay their eggs. Toucans are easy to see in the trees with their huge colorful beaks.

Statue of Christ Veiwpoint

From the Statue of Christ there is a breath taking view over the coastline. You can reach the statue by walking but it is better to take a taxi. Ask for a metered taxi or make sure you bargain for a reasonable price. The statue is on private property and there is a small admission fee to enter.

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