Shopping in San Juan del Sur

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San Juan del Sur Shopping is quite interesting although is a smaller city. San Juan del Sur is found on the coast of Nicaragua. Much of the population is tourists as most people come for the beaches. This spot is an alternative to Costa Rica since it has a reputation of being unspoiled.

Central Market

The main shopping area is the central market which opens early in the morning and closes around 4 p.m. This is the place to shop for produce and food as you will find sellers, who are often small farmers, offering meat, local fruit, local foods and vegetables.

The central market is also the perfect place to get breakfast or lunch. For breakfast you can dine on eggs, granola, smoothies, pancakes, fruit, different juices and gallo pinto which is the national dish. The traditional lunch includes cabbage salad, meat, gallo pinto and soup. There are many stalls that offer meals for only a few dollars.

Surfing Accessories

Because surfing is so popular there are many surf shops. Stop at Nica Surf if you need, wax, surfboards, clothes, rash guard, leashes or trunks. You can get mementos and t-shirts from Arena Caliente, a camping and surf store where you can find the perfect souvenir from your trip to the beach. A special surf shop for girls is Chica Brava. This beach store sells surf items just for girls and is located just across from the beach.

Mercado Viejo

You can pick up some beautiful handcrafted items for low prices. Some of the most popular items include pottery, hammocks and soaps. When visiting the markets make sure you have local cash on hand as vendors in the markets do not accept credit cards or travelers checks.

Take a day trip into Masaya to the Mercado Viejo. This market has crafts from the entire country and all are legitimate. You should ask the vendors about the items' origins. Everything is very well-organized. There is no bargaining though you can do a bit of negotiating if you are buying a large number of products from one vendor. You can also find some gorgeous handmade guitars for very inexpensive prices. These guitars would normally sell for hundreds of dollars in the U.S. but are very affordable at about $60

Rum and Coffee

You can find rum anywhere and this is some of the best liquor found in Central America. Look for Flor de Cana rum. It is available almost everywhere. Another popular product is coffee, so just drink all you can.

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