Museums in San Juan del Sur

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Here's a brief look at two of the museums in San Juan del Sur.

The National Museum of Nicaragua

This museum is located at the National Palace of Culture and begins in the lobby. If you are a visitor, this would be the best place to get started and take advantage of their bilingual guides. There are several rooms that house artifacts and information on history. There are a total of nine rooms. These include The National History room for the historical and current geological background of Nicaragua, which you will learn is the country of “Fire and Water.” Next is the Paleontology room that displays fossils of prehistoric mammals found throughout the country. The third room is the Room of Pre-Columbian Ceramics and the fourth is a Traditional Art Room. The fifth room is the room of Latin American Paintings, followed by a room for Metate and a room for Friends and Supporters of Art and Culture. The last few rooms are The Gueguense Room for theatrical works and the Rodrigo Penalba Room. Cost varies according to age. For primary pupils the cost is C$3, C$5 for students and C$12 for adults (about US $2).

Casa Salud DeBayle

Another great Museum to explore is the Casa Salud DeBayle, which is only a block south from the Leon’s Monumental Cathedral. It's open to the public free of charge Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12pm and again from 3pm to 6pm. This Museum was once a colonial home, but it's been renovated and opened to the public for tours.

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