Family Travel Ideas in San Juan del Sur

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San Juan del Sur family travel activities range from visiting the beaches, watching turtles and hiking to learning Spanish.

Visit the Beaches

San Juan del Sur, a sleepy little town on the Pacific Ocean in Nicaragua, offers spectacular beaches such as Playa Maderas, Playa Remanso, Playa Yankee, Playa Coco and La Flor. Many of the beaches are lined with restaurants and cafes from where you can get local cuisine food. Many also sell food that caters to the American tastes of pizzas, burgers and tacos. While at the beach, you can enjoy fishing, swimming, sailing and diving. There are awesome waves that you can catch while surfing or watching others surf. You can take your own surfboard or rent one from the beach shops. Some of them also offer scuba activities. The La Flor provides you the opportunity to see the Olive Ridley turtles hatching their eggs. The beaches offer a great canvas for the enthusiastic photographer to take great shots of the beaches and surrounding scenery. Bird-watchers can enjoy seeing many birds like pelicans swooping down or perhaps sitting quietly on the waterfront.

Turtle Watching

El Refugio de Vida Silvestre, is a wildlife reserve sanctuary that helps protect the Olive Ridley turtles, an endangered species, from being wiped out. It is situated approximately 15 miles south of San Juan del Sur. A guided tour can cost $30 to $40. You can also camp there overnight. Campsites are available for $15. The female turtles congregate at the beaches in the month of July. They lay their eggs in the holes that they dig in the sand. Some weeks after incubation they will hatch. This occurs at night between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. As the Olive Ridley turtle nests have been regularly poached, this sanctuary was set up to help protect them from extinction. Watching the turtles is a great family activity.


There is a hiking trail available on La Questa Hill. To get there go to the northeast side of town either by cab or rented car. You will cross the Texaco and go to the end of the road, which is approximately 6 km. You can start hiking from this point. The hike route takes approximately 4 hours at an average speed. You can hire a guide to give you guidance and cultural or historic information or you can decide to enjoy it alone with your family. While hiking, make sure that you take lots of water and snacks with you. Carry a raincoat or poncho to escape any rain that may appear suddenly.
There are other fun activities like shopping in the central market, taking the canopy tour and learning Spanish in one of the numerous Spanish schools.

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