Eating Out in San Juan del Sur

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While vacationing on the warm coast of the Caribbean not only can you surf the waves but you can enjoy the delicious foods offered by San Juan del Sur Restaurants. This resort area is the most sought after of all the Caribbean’s coastline and one of the reasons is its splendid restaurants. This Nicaraguan fishing town has every style of cuisine that the most avid connoisseur of foods could expect. Open-decked restaurants line the shoreline, while more elaborate buildings are situated inland.

Breakfast Restaurants

Several restaurants open at the crack of dawn to provide breakfast meals for early risers. If you love to start your day with a special breakfast, then Big Wave Dave’s is the place for you. It is located just off the beach with an open-air terrace and the service is highly professional. Another place that has a great reputation is the El Gato Negro. It has a western breakfast menu and the furniture is very comfortable. El Velero is mostly known for its large buffet style that offers everything from bacon and eggs to pancakes or tropical fruit. Each place has very reasonable prices.

Lunch and Dinner Restaurants

Many different cuisines are offered in the restaurants here but restaurants are most likely to show off their seafood specialties. Along the seafront you will find El Timon that serves some awesome fish and seafood soups with other dishes being very tasty, also. If Mediterranean cuisine is for you, then El Colibri is the hot spot for you. El Jardin is a restaurant that specializes in joining Mexican with Asian types of foods. San Juan del Sur also has its own Italian pizza palace located at Mauricio’s Pizzeria. In addition to its own homemade pizza the restaurant serves pasta, meats and salads.

Evening time Eating Places

For those travelers who like to have a quiet meal during the later hours of their day, a few recommendations are here for you. As you walk along the beachfront you can easily find Josseline’s, a restaurant where you can pick up a late dinner with cold beers and Nica Libres. El Buen Gusto is another place to get a meal while you enjoy the sunset. And for those who desire a light meal and late night cocktails, the Terraza Casablanca is the perfect establishment for you.      

San Juan del Sur has a large number of restaurants that cater to the tourists who arrive both by land and by cruise ship.  Along the road into town and the main road along the beach, you'll find at least a dozen restaurants, most of which specialize in the local seafood dishes. 

Farther from the beach, there are some cheaper and more authentic restaurants.  You'll also find a Subway sandwich shop and a couple of pizza restaurants.

Be sure to try a whole fried fish while you're in town; it's guaranteed to be caught fresh and it is delicious.

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Lago Azul

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Standard San Juan del Sur cuisine: fish, fish, and more fish.  The Lago Azul is a restaurant by night, and a one-on-one Spanish language school in the morning.

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address:south end of the beach

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