Beaches in San Juan del Sur

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San Juan del Sur beaches are popular among locals and tourists. This picturesque area maintains it's unique charm while offering tourists the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. There is a fusion of cultures in the area as locals mix with a range of international tourists. The heart of the town is the sea which offers many opportunities for local inhabitants. Fishing and the tourism that the beaches attract are the main economies in the town. The pleasant weather draws tourists to the beach throughout the year although there is a greater chance of rain near the end of the year.

San Juan del Sur Beach

San Juan del Sur has a wide beach that stretches for 3 km. It is located 20 minutes from the center of the town. Shuttles are a form of transport. This offers ample space for visitors and locals to relax and sun bath on the white sand. The blue ocean water is perfect for a refreshing swim. In the area around the beach you can spot a variety of wildlife and bird species. Nearby sites include a lighthouse and a fort. This beach is well known for surfing. Surfing shacks offer boards to rent and expert surf lessons. The staff can help give surfing advice for the area and the best spots and times to surf. Lessons are also available for beginners. Fishing is a popular sport and deep sea fishing can be arranged. If you are looking for entertainment a variety of water sports are available. There are good spots for snorkeling and there is a variety of fish and sea animals to be seen. Dive shops offer advice on scuba diving and scuba diving tours. Sailing trips provide an opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

After a peaceful day on the beach enjoy dinner at one of the restaurants that serves fresh fish and delicious seafood. Other options for activities include biking and horse riding to explore the area. If you hike up the nearby hills there are breathtaking views of the beach and town. The vibrant nightclubs in San Juan del Sur are a good place to party the night away.

Alternative Beaches

Playa Maderas is the best beach for surfing. It is located 20 minutes away from the city. Marsella beach is an quite beach that stretches for miles. On the trip there you can see monkeys and beautiful trees. La Flor beach is a tranquil beach where you can see turtles nesting at the end of autumn.

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Playa El Coco

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"This is a world class beach, a spectacular stretch of sparkling white sand punctuated by cliffs so pretty that they grace about half of the country's tourist literature." Lonely Planet Known as the Nicaraguan Riviera it is also the closest lodging to the turtle beach La Flor. Come here when you want to relax on an uncrowded beach or enjoy pure nature and wildlife. Places to stay at Playa Coco: La Veranera beachfront guesthouse, Lug's Place, Playa Coco Holidays.

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address:10 meters North of Restaurant Puesta del Sol

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