Bars and Cafes in San Juan del Sur

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San Juan del Sur Bars and Cafes are dotted all over the beachfront. They offer a relaxing ambience along with an eclectic mix of food and drinks. The following is a partial list of some of the bars and restaurants that can be visited.

Big Wave Dave’s

This restaurant and bar caters to the expatriate community that has settled in San Juan del Sur. It offers foods that cater to the American taste buds and include organic salads, burgers, nachos and meat loaf. The bar is also very popular. Regular sports shows run on large-screen TVs and the facilitiy is located west of Texaco. The prices here are slightly more expensive than other restaurants, however, the site offers Internet surfing for free.

Chicken Lady

Chicken Lady is a very popular street side stall from where an older lady sells chicken meals that she has cooked herself. This stall sits in front of the house where the lady resides.  The food is excellent and quite cheap and is located in the same block as the Central Market.

El Pozo Bar and Restaurant

This popular bar cum restaurant is open only in the evenings except Tuesdays. It has an international style and caters to Americans. The menu has both an American as well as a local influence. The bar and restaurant have nightly specials and a great menu. Service is very friendly.

Bambu Beach Club

This beach club has a spectacular view of the ocean and offers great cuisine. It is situated on Beach Front Road and serves both lunch and dinner.

El Jardin

This is a restaurant that offers fusion food – a mixture of Asian and Mexican cuisine. Thai specials such as Kung Pao Chicken and coconut shrimp are fabulous as are the Japanese sushi rolls. Try some awesome cheesecakes for dessert. It is only open at dinner time from Thursdays to Sundays.


There are a couple of pizzerias in San Juan del Sur that are very popular with the tourists. One is Mauricio’s Pizzeria and the other is Jerry’s Chicken and Pizza. Along with fresh baked pizzas, they also have pasta and salads on the menus.

El Gato Negro

This café is open early in the morning and closes by 3 p.m. every day.  Try the organic Nicaraguan freshly-roasted and brewed coffee. Along with the coffee, you can order bagels, sandwiches and pastries. The cafe also has a book store where you can browse through the books while sipping aromatic coffee.

Iguana Bar

This is one of the most popular bars in San Juan. It has an upstairs deck from where you have a great view of the ocean. It is open for lunch and dinner and also offers late nights at its disco.

In addition to the list of restaurants given above, there are other restaurants such as Josseline's, El Colibri, El Timos, and El Buen Gusto that are available along the Beach Front Road or Bahia Avenue.


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