Masaya Travel Guide

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Marichi band in the Masaya market

Marichi band in the Masaya market

In Masaya you can find two markets. One of them you can buy everything from live poultry to clothes and fast-food. The other one, called the old market, is a bit calmer and much more touristy. There you can buy all kinds of arts and crafts from Nicaragua and surrounding coutries.

If  you want to get a bit more active, and off the market crowd, onthe side of town you see the small lake Masaya, and out in the distance you will see the Mayasa Volcano.  You shold  head out to the park where the Masaya Volcano is located.  It is not far from town...the views are very nice, and you will get to see an active volcano...  you can see the warm fumes coming out of it as well as the lush vegetation in the area. 

 A little further south, on the way to Granada, visit the town of Santa Catarina.   You should check out their lake...  it is actually the volcanic crater filled with water...the view is breathtaking... be sure to bring your camera along.     

Then you can head toward Granada, on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. This one is a colonial city.... very scenic.    Check out the Granada section for more information.


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