Day Trips in Nicaragua

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San Juan Del Sur Day Trips include trips that will let you enjoy a nice view in the beach, warm heat from the sun, and the crystal clean water. San Juan Del Sur is a wonderful place to be in Nicaragua.


San Juan del Sur has a very long beach. It is a good place for walking from one end to the other end. When it is low tide, you will see the wideness of the beach. People often come to the place on weekend to enjoy swimming and playing. If you are looking for water adventures, you can hire a boat or go for a surfing tour.

Piedras Y Olas

Piedras y Olas is a luxurious hotel in San Juan Del Sur. They have a great place with trees and flowers that beautify more the surroundings. Piedras y Olas has many pools and you need to pay a certain amount to have an access to their pools. There are also at least two restaurants in the hotel to serve you when you are hungry. This hotel is nice to visit during the sunset. Piedras Y Olas is a good venue if you want to see a good view of the sunset.

Statue of Christ

The statue of Christ is the place where you can have a good view of the coast. For you to see the magnificent view of the seashore, you need to pay an admission fee of 20 cordobas for foreigners and 10 cordovas for the Nicaraguans. The statue of Christ is owned by a foreigner and the money that comes from the admission proceeds goes to the financing of the church construction.

Quay-Side Music and Market

Quay-Side Music and Market is a place where you can chill and relax. Here you can take a cruise and do whatever you want to do. Souvenirs are also available in this area.

La Flor Turtle Reserve

La Flor Turtle Reserve is a big secluded beach located at the south of San Juan del Sur. It takes more than an hour to reach the place from the main of San Juan del Sur. The good timing to visit the place is when it is not raining. This place is hard to reach if it rains. La Flor Reserve is open 24 hours a day. To enjoy watching the Olive Ridley turtles and other sea turtles, you need to pay the entrance fee. The entrance fee for the locals is C$100 and C$200 for the foreigners. There is also a camping activity on the beach for a night watch with a payment of (C$500).


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