When to Go in Tegucigalpa

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Travel to Tegucigalpa and Witness the Festivities

Don't ponder too much over the Tegucigalpa when to go aspect of your travel, read on to find out a few pointers that will help you pick the right travel dates. Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras and has an old school charm about it. It has never been rebuilt, hence it retains the concrete buildings from the 1960s, and the streets have an erratic pattern.

Climatic Consideration

The weather is one of the key parameters that needs to be considered while planning a vacation. It would be better to stay away from Tegucigalpa from October to January. Tegucigalpa receives rainfall during these months and the rains can dampen your plans. Thunderstorms are also a frequent occurrence.

Best Time

The best time to visit Tegucigalpa is between February to June. Not just is the weather perfect but several fairs and festivals are held here in February and the following months. In the month of April, the Holy Week Festival is celebrated with complete fanfare. Parades and carnivals grace the streets of Tegucigalpa during this time. The air is filled with aromas that emerge from the grill and stalls that are set up selling meat dishes. The candies and desserts are a must try. The Fiesta Virgin is another fair that transforms Tegucigalpa into a fun-filled destination. It takes place in the first week of February. Carnivals are also held in the month of June. These festivals offer the tourists a peek into the local lifestyles.

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