Things to Do in Tegucigalpa

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Here's a Tegucigalpa things to do list for your visit to the capital city of Honduras. This city is filled with rich Spanish culture as well as natural wonders that will surely fill up your senses. Plan your visit to this city with the help of this 'to do' list in order to fully enjoy the sights and sounds of Tegucigalpa.

Museum Tours

Tegucigalpa never runs out of museums. While you are there, be sure to visit the Identidad Nacional, del Hombre, Nacional Villaroy, Historia Natural, Historico Militar and the Galeria de Arte Nacional which offers a lot of exhibits depicting the rich history of the city. These museums are located inside the city and are near each other, just a block apart, so walking from one to another is easy.

Church Hopping

The city also boasts of old churches that are numerous in the area. You can visit the St. Michael Archangel which is found near the central park, and the Los Dolores church which lies west from the central park. While you are church hopping, you also need to visit the San Francisco church which was constructed in 1590. It's considered to be the oldest church in the country. If you have deep-rooted religious faith, then church hopping in Tegucigalpa is the best thing that you can do to renew your faith.

View the City from Atop

If you drive a rental car for 15 minutes and head to El Picacho, then you will see the entire view of the city. El Picacho is a national park located on the north of Tegucigalpa. You can also see a big statue of Christ that overlooks the entire city below. The park boasts of the United Nations Garden as well as the national zoo, which showcases the flora and fauna of the country.

Nature Trips

You can book a trip to La Tigra National Park which is located north of Tegucigalpa. This park is home to 200 species of birds and numerous exotic flora. You can hike along the trail of the park reserves and admire the beauty of the cloud forest. If you are lucky, you can see ocelots, monkeys, pumas and quetzals, which are abundant in this protected area.

Watch a Football Game

Since 1896, football has been played in Honduras. The national league club in Honduras has 10 other member clubs. If you're interested in football, you might want to go and watch a game being played by the clubs in the city.

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