Getting Around in Tegucigalpa

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Tegucigalpa transportation services are limited, and tourists who are not on too tight a budget should look to car rental, which is easily available at the international airport in the city. Other than that, here are the other transportation options.

Travel by Land

Land transport in Tegucigalpa can be limited and confusing, considering the fact that there are numerous bus companies that travel different routes at different prices and at different times. There is no train system in the country, so most people take buses. Each bus company’s depot is at a different part of the town, but most are located at Comayagüela, a district within the city center. There are two major types of bus service: those that run within the country, and those that run “internationally,” meaning that it travels out of Honduras into the neighboring countries. Ticabus is the main bus company because it offers competitive prices and comfortable seats, although it would be wise to shop around before deciding which tickets to buy.


The main airport of Tegucigalpa is the Tocontín International Airport, which is considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world for its short runway. For this reason, many visitors opt to arrive in the country via San Pedro Sula Airport and drive into Tegucigalpa. For those who cannot wait or simply dislike driving, there is the option of the domestic flight, since there are very limited flights into Tegucigalpa itself internationally. These are available cheaply from San Pedro and are a convenient way to travel.

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