Eating Out in Tegucigalpa

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Tegucigalpa restaurants prepare food that is suitable for everyone’s taste and preference. These restaurants offer local and international cuisines. After you eat in any of the Tegucigalpa restaurants, you will leave the eatery satisfied and fulfilled.


Usami is a Japanese restaurant in the city of Tegucigalpa. It is owned by a Japanese man and his Honduran wife. This restaurant has been popular to famous personalities, including the Japananese community and the Japanese Ambassador because of its authentic Japanese dishes. The food that you must try here includes their specialties: the katsudon donburi and the agedashi dofu. The katsudon donburi is a breaded pork cutlet placed on top of rice and egg, while the agedashi dofu is a deep fried tofu dipped in a delicious soy sauce broth. Likewise, the regular Japanese food, such as tempura and chicken teriyaki, is also available in this restaurant.

La Cumbre

La Cumbre is a restaurant in Honduras wherein you need to overcome the struggle of unmarked roads before you reach the place. This is a distinctive restaurant, where you experience fun and adventure along the way before you arrive at this wonderful eating place.

La Cumbre Restaurant is known for serving European and German food and local dishes. Political officials, business leaders and other popular dignitaries are among the regular customers of La Cumbre. They dine in the restaurant to enjoy the sumptuous meal and the beautiful view of the whole city from the restaurant balcony.

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