Cruises in Tegucigalpa

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If you are going to be traveling in Tegucigalpa and want to enjoy the area, you can find one of the Tegucigalpa cruises to take you around the islands. There are a few different cruises you can take.

Premier Cruise Lines

The Premier Cruise Lines make port calls in Roatan from Tegucigalpa. You can choose the activities you want to do on the cruise, and you will have some time on land to enjoy doing what you want. Make sure you call ahead to book your cruise and choose the right package. The cruise is a day cruise, and you can enjoy the time on the boat and on the islands.

Sun Cruises

Sun Cruise Lines will take you to Roatan and the islands, and you can enjoy a day cruise to the islands where you can explore on your own or have a guide. You can join in any of the activities on board the ship and enjoy the ride along the beautiful waters. If you want to find an affordable way to travel around the islands, this is one of the Tegucigalpa cruises you may want to try.

Wind Star Cruises

Wind Star Cruises are also day cruises you can take to explore some of the smaller Bay islands and spend the day going to Roatan and back to the city. You can choose from different packages on the ship that include fun, activities and dining.

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