Beaches in Tegucigalpa

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Typically, you’ll begin your Honduran adventure in the Caribnean with a flight to Tegucigalpa, then you will want to hit the Tegucigalpa beaches. Here are some beaches you shouldn't miss:

Barrio Aboja

The Barrio Aboja beach is not short of a cultural hub when it comes to beaches located in the Caribbean area. If you want to absorb the culture of the area, then this is where you’re going to want to go.

Colonial Rivas

The major thing to see in this Tegucigalpa beach is the museum, also known as the Museo Colonial. This particular museum is a tribute to the history and past accomplishments of the area. If you’re more of a history buff and want to learn about the past of this area, then this is where you’re going to want to go.

Bay Island Beach

The major thing to do and see is the Bay Island Beach Resort. If you’re in the area to relax and go on a full blown vacation, then this is the place you’re going to want to visit.

Colonia Miraflores

If you’re more interested in the actual beach than the sites to see around the Tegucigalpa beaches, then this is where you’re going to want to go. This place is more about rest and relaxation than seeing the sites of the area.

Puerto Cortez

Another beach you can easily access from Tegucigalpa is the beach of Puerto Cortez. Puerto Cortez is a bustling cultural hub and has a beautiful bay. This is especially true at night when the harbor lights up. The street lights on the various harbor bridges create a beautiful scene that one would be hard pressed to ever forget. This area was originally founded by a Spaniard by the name of Hernan Cortes. This place was established as a free trade zone in 1976, relatively recently all things considered.

Puerto Castillo

To the east of Puerto Cortez is Puerto Castillo. This place is believed by historians to be the place that Christopher Columbus landed on his final voyage to the new world. This beach has very relaxed waters and a low population in comparison to other places in the world. This particular beach is known for it’s fishing village, and the fact that it’s the home of the Dole food company, particularly known for it’s banana export.

If you want to have fun, relax and see a new culture, then you're going to want to visit the Tegucigalpa beaches.

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