Siguatepeque Travel Guide

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Siguatepeque, Honduras is a city along the highway about halfway between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula (about 30-45 minutes north of Comayagua). It is often overlooked as a truck stop along the highway, but is a fun little city. The population is around 75,000. The 21st of August Street ("Veinte-uno" as the locals call it) is the main street that runs through the whole city. There are a variety of tasty comedors and shops along the street and it runs right down into El Centro (downtown area).  There are a few churches and markets (including a GREAT Sunday market that always has fresh fruit, vegetables, & meats) downtown as well as lots of restaurants, street vendors, souvenir shops and internet cafes. There are also a few Banco Occidentes, post offices, and quite a few small medical facilities if you need to take care of any business. The weather is a little cooler than Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula as Siguatepeque is in the mountains, and so it receives more rain than the other cities. San Pablo (Saint Paul) is the patron saint of Siguatepeque, so there is a San Pablo Market, church, and various fairs throughout the year in his honor.

Hotels: There are various hotels downtown and a few more along 21st street as you head back towards the highway, including Hotel Palacio Real, a few miles outside of el centro and along the main road.

Schools: Siguatepeque is home to a variety of bilingual schools (like Escuela El Alba) as well as public schools. The public schools start in February and have their "summer break" in December and January. The bilingual schools usually run on an American school year.

Getting There: It is easiest to fly into either San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa and then take the bus. Since it is along the same highway, there are busses that go directly there from both cities. Once in the city, the "Urbano" buses are frequent, fast, and everywhere, providing for easy travel through the whole city, although walking is easiest downtown. There are also taxis driving around at all times of the day.


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