When to Go in San pedro sula

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Be a Part of the Celebrations in San Pedro Sula

This guide will help answer your San Pedro Sula When to Go query. San Pedro Sula is a cosmopolitan city in Honduras with modern infrastructure and the makings of a great tourist destination. The city is rich in culture and has several historic landmarks and monuments. The shopping scene in San Pedro Sula adds spice to the whole experience.

The June Fair

San Pedro Sula can be visited any time of the year. The weather is appealing all year long. One aspect which might influence your travel dates is the seasonal fairs. San Pedro Sula is known for the colorful fairs and festival. The most popular fair is the June Fair. The entire city comes to life during this month. Small carnivals develop in all nooks of San Pedro Sula, and people gather on the streets for the entertaining parade show. Live music and concerts are held to entertain the visitors. One of the highlights of this fair is the agricultural expo which brings the local farmers market to the people in San Pedro Sula.

The Festival of Folkloric

Unlike the above mentioned festival, the Festival of Folkloric goes on for two weeks. It is held in the month of September. This is more of a cultural celebration. You will find endless food stalls selling the most scrumptious of local produce and dishes. Also witness the coming together of international art forms. There will be dance performances from all parts of Central America. This is the place to catch the Latin American Dance Group in action.

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