Top 5 Must Do's in San pedro sula

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The list of San Pedro Sula Must Do's is truly eclectic, presenting an exciting range of activities ranging from decoding the history of Honduras to indulging in adventure sports. Visiting the various places listed below is rather easy, especially since San Pedro Sula is systematically divided into small quadrants. This is, essentially, due to the city’s Spanish colonial history. Each of the quadrants is well-marked, and it is easy to find cabs that take visitors for a packaged day-ride. Ideally, the list of San Pedro Sula Must Do's for every visitor should consist of the following five:

1. Decode San Pedro Sula’s History—Visiting Museums, Planetariums

There are two main museums in San Pedro Sula. These are the Museo de Antropología Historia and the Museo de la Naturaleza museum. The first museum is, essentially, a museum of history. It is regulated by the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History, and showcases some of the rarest archaeological findings that help to understand the evolution of Central American nations like Honduras. The ground floor of the museum is dedicated to explaining the history of Honduras. Some of the artifacts date back to the era of primitive man. One section is dedicated to explaining the colonization of San Pedro by the Spanish rulers and the nation's struggle for freedom.

The second museum explains the rich diversity of flora and fauna in San Pedro Sula. The exhibits include many endangered species of birds and insects. There is a dedicated book section to provide an insight into the native wildlife species of San Pedro Sula. The most popular section of this museum is the rare collection of birds belonging to the Merendon Mountains, which mysteriously disappeared a few years ago.

Located near the San Pedro Sula municipal building, the Planetario Infantil is one of the few planetariums found in Honduras. A visit here is particularly recommended for children. The planetarium is more like a museum, explaining the evolution of astronomy. Famous exhibits here include images of the night sky seen from San Pedro Sula’s highest summit.

2. Visit Cusuco National Park, Hot spot in biodiversity

One of Honduras most exotic tourist destination Cusuco National Park is rated by Operation Wallacea as one of the most important cloud forest in America.

3. Make a Nighttime Visit to Avenida Circunvalacion

Avenida Circunvalacion is one of the rare safe zones for nighttime strolling in San Pedro Sula. Usually, international tourists are advised not to step beyond the densely populated city-spots during the night. This is because many parts of Honduras have a notorious reputation for being crime-infested during the night. However, the Circunvalacion is an exception. This place isn't policed, but it is frequented by locals and tourists without any apprehensions. It is a favorite partying spot for locals, particularly when the soccer games are televised. Other local celebrations here include the annual Feria-Juniana that is celebrated in June.

4. Explore Watersports at Zizima Eco Water Park

This is one of the few international-standard water parks found in Honduras. This is a great place to escape the daytime heat. Zizima is often quoted on the family trip packages retailed by travel agents. The complex includes some restaurants and plenty of water rides. Visitors can spend an entire day here for an amazingly low price—these packaged, full-day trips are highly discounted. The park even awards loyalty points, even if you are an international tourist! Address: 4 Avenue, 12-y 13 Calle N.O.

5. Spend a Day at Copán

San Pedro can be used as a base for exploring some of the remarkable nearby sites. The most prominent place in this list is the Copán Ruins. This place is just an hour away by cab, and is a globally recognized archaeological site. Archaeological surveys are being conducted here, many of them sponsored by the UNESCO and National Geographic. This site is supposed to contain the missing links in the somewhat confusing fall of the Mayan civilization. The ruins are best explored during the daytime. The ruins also contain some information about the Isthmo-Colombian culture that is considered as an archaeological mystery. Most of the artifacts here belong to 5 th A.D.

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