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Located in the Valley of the Birds, San Pedro Sula is among Hondura’s most progressive cities. A list of San Pedro Sula Things to Do can be very exhausting, since there is so much that the city offers. However, the following San Pedro Sula Things to Do are highly recommended:

San Pedro Sula—the base city

San Pedro Sula is regarded as the perfect base for exploring Honduras. This is because it is the vicinity of some major tourist attractions and is a hub of easily rentable transportation facilities. Visitors can arrange a variety of daytime trips, starting from San Pedro during the early morning. The most popular nearby locations include the beaches of Omoa and Puerto Cortes. Those who like diving or snorkeling can rent a boat from either of these beaches and head towards the Bay Islands. This is a typical Caribbean paradise, complete with unspoiled coral reefs and plenty of watersport activities. Just about an hour from the Bay Islands is Lake Yojoa. From Yojoa, visitors can make a quick visit to tourist sites like the Tegucigalpa and Comayagua.

Explore Budgeted Options among San Pedro Sula Things to Do

However, visitors who want budgeted options can choose other nearby locations. This includes exploring the coastal towns near San Pedro Sula. The most prominent among these are Tela and TelaMar, and either of these towns is perfect for spending an entire day. They serve as an ideal spot for visitors in search of tranquility. These towns offer very affordable, short stays that usually include lunch and an evening spread. Visitors inclined towards wildlife can visit the Cusuco National Park. This isn't the largest of wildlife reserves in Honduras, but it has plenty of options to offer. Popular activities include hiking and mountain-biking. A small waterfall here called the Pulapanza, serves as a makeshift diving spot.

San Pedro Sula Trips—Take Your Pick!

An ideal trip would be to visit Tela or TelaMar during the daytime and then spend the night and the following day at Cusuco Park. The nighttime visit can be used for taking part in guided tours of the Taulabe caves and camping. The following day can be used for bird-watching and swimming. However, there is no rule as to how these trips should be arranged. Some visitors choose to take a long boat ride that includes stopping at the Cusuco Park and then proceeding towards Lake Yohoa. Other popular options include visiting beaches near the Punta Sal National Park. However, the beach-hopping can take an entire day and cannot be combined with any of the options explained above. Visitors can also choose to take a horseback ride through the nearby coffee plantations.

Savor Blended Cuisines

Those who like experimenting with their food and savor the unusual should try eating at the Antojitos Mexicanos. This popular eatery has two branches in San Pedro—downtown, near Central Park and the other at Zona Viva. Apart from the unbelievably affordable food, the cuisine is a bit bizarre. While some refer to the food served here as a spiced-up version of Honduras’ local delicacies; the name of the eatery points towards a definite, Mexican influence. Most of the items listed here seem like a hard-to-describe blend of Mexican and other Central American flavors.

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