Sights in San pedro sula

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There are several San Pedro Sula Sights worth visiting in this second largest city of Honduras. The city is a major transport base for visitors traveling to other parts of Honduras. While in San Pedro Sula, do not forget to explore the beauty of the city, with its centuries-old cathedrals, museums, and great hiking experiences in the Cusuco National Park.

Museum of Anthropology & History

This museum displays important items and artifacts from the pre-Columbian era up to modern times. You will learn about the way of life of the local people of San Pedro Sula, with various pottery, artifacts and beautiful antiques. It will not hurt to also learn a bit of Spanish, as most of these historical items have Spanish labels. Additionally, you can read the bilingual guidebook available in the museum for some in-depth information about the museum and its contents.

San Pedro Cathedral

The beautiful facade of the San Pedro Cathedral lures visitors for a visit. The cathedral occupies a large space in the city and offers a magnificent sight to anyone who walks by. Its high walls and pillars are painted in pale yellow, and the central cupola, with its amazing height, offers amazing views to all its visitors. You can explore the cathedral’s walls and get inspired by the beautiful paintings of the saints, the centuries-old wooden statues, and the important hand-carved items related to the Catholic faith. If you feel like having a peaceful time, you can always visit the Cathedral. Just do not forget to wear comfortable shoes.

Cusuco National Park

The Cusuco National Park, a well preserved national park found in the Merendon mountain range, has plenty of wildlife and a wide variety of bird species. It is best to explore the park on the months of April to June. Starting from visitor’s center found on the park, choose among the five hiking trails to follow. Two of the famous trails, the Quetzal and Las Minas, pass through waterfalls and other swimming holes.  If you do not feel comfortable hiking alone, a hired guide is available in the visitor’s center. Going to the park is difficult and costly; nevertheless, the experience of exploring the park is worth every penny. You should be ready with sturdy hiking boots or shoes, a bottle of water, and finally bring a camera for amazing photographs.

Museo de la Naturaleza

Another San Pedro Sula sight thats well worth a visit is the Museo de la Naturaleza, which has over eighty exhibits of items from earlier eras. The items cover the fields of paleontology, ecology and human biology, so this an especially  interesting place for history and medical students. If you want to spend your afternoon in a lazy way, this is not a place for you. However, if you want to learn, this is a great place to soak up some extra knowledge. If you know a little Spanish, it will come in handy, as all labels and signs inside the museum are in Spanish.

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